This is how you can team up with the light side of the force

Batman had the Joker, Luke Skywalker had Darth Vader and in the Cybersecurity world, we have hackers. But just like the fictional heroes, in the real world of Cybersecurity, we have Ethical Hackers – experts that penetrate your system to help you build your defenses. Ethical Hackers do much of their work before their nemesis arrive: the unethical hackers. These anti-heroes operate without the target knowing and leaving damaging consequences that can lead to losing donors or having sensitive data stolen.  

Why do you need the White Hat Heroes on your team? 

It’s a prevention mechanism. Let’s not forget that in recent years, organizations have been a special target of cyberattacks due to their low compliance with Cybersecurity norms. Nearly 43% of cybercrime is aimed at organizations, according to a survey carried by Verizon. Even worse is that a cyberattack can leave a deficit of at least $200,000 to organizations.  

The so-called white hat hackers are here to rescue you and help you save time and money, but how? Well since they have the same skills as unethical hackers – but unlike the latter choose to remain in the light side of the force and use their power for good ends, they penetrate your system and point out your vulnerabilities, potential risks, and improvements that need to be made to prevent the bad guys from keeping you to achieve your mission. All of which will help you in the creation of an efficient Cybersecurity policy for your organization and will create more awareness among your team.  

And what are the benefits of having these heroes on your team? 

  • You’ll have a glimpse of how unethical hackers operate and how easy it is to attack a system that’s not well protected. 
  • The penetration test will give you the chance to fix security issues before the bad guys come. 
  • You’ll have the chance the explore different dangerous scenarios that can affect your organization and learn how to best recover from them. 
  • You’ll be updated on different hacking methods. 
  • Your staff will become more aware of Cybersecurity hygiene practices. 
  • You’ll get to put better Cybersecurity policies in place, which will make you a difficult target for unethical hackers. 

Now that you know the difference between ethical and unethical hacking: Remember, cybersecurity villains target systems that aren’t compliant with updated regulations. Think whether your organization needs a white hat hacker to help you. If you do, don’t lose any more time give us a call and we’ll come to your rescue!