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Beware of Cybersecurity Insider Threats

Beware of Cybersecurity Insider Threats According to SANS, one-third of all organizations have faced cybersecurity insider threats at one point or another. Organizations that are lucky enough to have not encountered one as of yet, are likely oblivious to the fact that an insider threat has indeed made moves and lurks amongst you. Human actions pose a dangerous threat to cybersecurity, and it goes beyond outside malicious actors exploiting vulnerabilities to gain sensitive data. Employees internal to an organization are a security risk and repetitive negative behavior can be the culprit behind cybersecurity incidents ultimately costing the business time, money, as well as their reputation. What are cybersecurity insider threats? There is often a specific image that gets painted when cybersecurity insider threats are mentioned. The majority of the time, it’s a disgruntled employee that maliciously wants to do harm to the company or expose various sensitive information to the public for personal gain or fame. Although possible, it is not always this black and white. There are three main types of cybersecurity insider threats that businesses should be aware of and know how to properly identify. These types are accidental, negligent, and malicious. Accidental cybersecurity insider threats occur when