Security Operations Center (SOC) Services

Cybercriminals don’t take any time off. You shouldn’t either

Cybercriminals don’t take any time off. You shouldn’t either

Periodic security assessments, annual penetration tests or red team exercises are no longer enough in today’s challenging cybersecurity climate. These assessments only provide a snapshot – a point in time – status of your security.

Continuous monitoring

To combat and stay ahead of the cybercriminals of today, small businesses must move from periodic assessments to real-time continuous monitoring of security threats in their organizations.

Our Security Operations Center services help reduce risk from data breaches as well as maintain compliance with various regulatory environments.

Increased security

The demands for increased security are rising. The cybercriminals are getting more sophisticated and advanced. Relying on your IT Team for cybersecurity is risky. By leveraging on our dedicated security resources we are able to provide you with exactly what you need at an affordable price.

Small businesses have unique needs, that is why our SOC services are uniquely tailored for SMBs to allow for the flexibility that your organization demands.

Security Information and
Event Management – SIEM

Security information and event management  utilizes real-time data collection and historical analysis to provide a holistic view into your organization’s security alerts and activities.

We provide security expertise and a holistic view into network activity. Our SOC services is operated by a team of security analysts and consultants who review the security incidents and  make appropriate security decisions throughout the response process.

Vulnerability Scanning

Makaye InfoSec provides small businesses robust asset discovery and vulnerability scanning in a simple and easy-to-deploy solution.

Vulnerability scanning is a proactive approach to identifying vulnerabilities in your systems and network. The objective is to find flawed areas that leave your organization exposed to malicious attacks. Risks could include: misconfigured firewalls, exploitable DNS configurations, out of date and unpatched software, and unencrypted login credentials.

We identify these issues before cybercriminals do.


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