Retail Security

Cybersecurity and Compliance
for the Retail Industry

Cybercriminals relentlessly hammer retailers with attacks for good reason: it works. If even big-name retailers can’t protect themselves from major data breaches and other cyber-attacks, can you? Yes!

The cybersecurity challenges facing retail are significant. With the proliferation of smart devices, cloud technologies, automation, use of third-party services, etc., retailers juggle multiple points of vulnerability that online attackers can exploit. Further, most retailers operate on paper-thin profit margins, so they have fewer resources to invest in cybersecurity programs compared to other industries. The smaller the operation, the steeper the challenges. Bad actors are happy to take advantage.

Worse, even if you meet compliance requirements, that’s no guarantee of cyber safety. Just ask any of the major retailers who have passed their PCI-DSS or SOX audits, only to fall prey to a massive data breach or other attack.

The good news: Makaye InfoSec can deliver the enterprise-grade security experts, technologies, and strategies that can reliably protect your operation, its data, and its systems.

Our services are packaged to make them accessible and affordable even to smaller retailers, making enterprise-grade security logistically feasible. We work as an extension of your team and IT services, so you can improve your security posture with little-to-no disruption to operations. Moreover, better-than-baseline cybersecurity programs and compliance can offer competitive differentiation that stands out in a crowded field for customers seeking safer shopping options.


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