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James L. West Center for Dementia Care

JLWC turned to Makaye Infosec for help. “Other providers couldn’t
articulate what they would do to make sure we were secure,” Harding
says. “Makaye Infosec very clearly spelled out what our security goals
were and how we would get there.”

Regal Research & Mfg. Co.

Regal initially brought Makaye Infosec on board because they realized cyber threats were mounting. They were being inundated with phishing emails searching for some means of ingress, and one piece of malware actually executed. It was caught before it could do any damage, but what about the next attack?

Diversified Health Care Affiliates Inc.

DHCA realized they wanted their network security as hardened as the other elements of their best-in-class privacy and confidentiality programs, especially after an audit made clear that gaps in their network security apparatus could potentially put them at risk.



Cheryl Harding

President and CEO of the James L. West Center

We knew we needed an IT vendor, but we didn’t really know we needed security. We were so vulnerable, and we didn’t even know how vulnerable we were. But then we were attacked with ransomware, and our insurance provider would not have renewed our cyber policy without a good plan in place. Makaye Infosec was the only company who really offered that comprehensive security piece that we needed. The integrity, honesty, and professionalism that we’ve experienced in dealing with Makaye Infosec has helped us get secure and stay secure. The biggest benefit to me is that, while I know we’re not bulletproof, we have a way to address it if something happens. I believe that our relationship with GXA and Makaye Infosec will be very long-term.


I knew that we needed to take a more proactive stance on cybersecurity as a whole. We have been contacted by clients that have inquired on our cybersecurity preparedness. We had one particular client that was basically rating us on it. Our IT provider obviously offers some level of security expertise, but we’ve learned that we really need someone to oversee the security portion. There’s much more to it than just firewall and antivirus. Between the two teams, I really feel that we’re being taken care of. We have folks with Makaye Infosec that have even spoken with our clients directly. In fact, if [Makaye Infosec] hadn’t been involved that, I think that our relationship with the client who was rating us could have really been damaged.

David Powell

Director of IT of Regal Research & Mfg. Co.

Jeff Allison

Chief Financial Officer of the United Way of Tarrant County

With Makaye Infosec, we have confidence that we’re protecting our donor information in the right ways, and we have measurable statistics quantitative and qualitative metrics to validate that protection, in addition to a lot of other benefits from the whole infosec process. We’ve now improved our security rating to ‘above average’ for our competitive set nationally, and we still have a target that we’re working towards to continue improvement. And they work at the pace and cost I want; Makaye Infosec is very cost-effective. There’s always a chance of something affecting us, but I have a lot more confidence that we’re secure. With Makaye Infosec, I can sleep at night.


We had a need to enhance our network security, but we realized we didn’t have the expertise. Makaye Infosec offered a great solution at a good value and a good partnership. We have confidence that our network is secure and that we’ve mitigated multiple risks because of Makaye Infosec’s proactive approach identifying and creating a custom-tailored plan to resolve network security gaps. We can actually demonstrate that we have a hardened network maintaining all the mandatory network security protocols, and we have also now passed an audit with one of our clients that came in as a surprise. With Makaye Infosec, we have a comprehensive cybersecurity solution and are able to support our clients better.

Christian O’Connor

Executive VP, Diversified Health Care Affiliates, Inc.

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