Policy Development Workshops

Policies are the foundation of your cybersecurity program

Policies are the foundation of your cybersecurity program

Has your cybersecurity program been built on rock-solid foundation of expert security policies?

No business can architect any kind of adequate cybersecurity defense in the absence of well-crafted, customized policies. Security policies is what guides your staff in security-related behavior before, during, and after security failures – including both intentional and unintentional insider threats. If you want to be able to prevent security incidents, react calmly and knowledgeably after one, and then recover as quickly as possible – you need the right policies.

Policies works by weaving all the different elements of cybersecurity together and providing the clear-eyed guidance necessary to navigating cyberthreats. Crafting good policy is exceptionally challenging, however. The policies must be (1) sensible, (2) enforceable, and (3) achievable. They must (4) answer security questions before they even need to be asked. And they must both (5) meet today’s needs and (6) future-proof against tomorrow’s emerging threats, while (7) successfully aligning with overall business strategy. Finally, they (8) must be “right-sized” to ensure they provide the most comprehensive protection possible without introducing unnecessary overhead or interrupting business operations.

That’s a lot! Thankfully, Makaye Infosec policy development workshops allow our experts to engage one-on-one with your leadership team. We take the time to fully understand your needs and work with you hand-in-hand to draft bespoke, right-sized policies to support your business objectives and secure your organization.

Would you like to arm your staff with the know-how to protect against cyber-attack?

We offer policy development workshops as part of our Managed Security Services. Don’t wait until after you need the policies – start today with an in-depth  Security Maturity Level Assessment.

Let our security experts create right-sized security policies for your business

Small business needs are unique, therefore policies should be developed to fit its specific needs without being too overbearing. Our consultants meet with you to gain a full understanding of your organization’s culture and business objectives. We work with you to write and implement policies that provide the maximum protection with the least interruption to business.

Understanding the difference between policies, standards, baselines, and other documentation types is very important

Policies must be compliant with NIST, ISO27XXX or other federal regulations that your business must comply with

They need to be drafted by cybersecurity experts who understand the security implications of what you are writing and signing off on

They have to be right-sized to address your specific business needs and regulatory requirements.

They are enforceable and can be deployed in your organization

They fit into the context of a comprehensive policy manual and link to other procedures


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