Managed Security Services Program

Fully Outsourced Cybersecurity Department at a Small Business Price

First-class cybersecurity and second-to-none service

You shouldn’t have to worry about your business being attacked by cybercriminals. Our program protects and shields your business from cyber attacks while aligning your security with compliance frameworks .

Specifically, we work hand in hand with your IT team but focus exclusively on your cybersecurity. Most SMBs delegate cybersecurity to their IT team, wrongly believing they can build and manage a comprehensive cybersecurity program effective enough to protect them. In reality, IT groups bring divided attention and competing priorities to cybersecurity, compromising effectiveness.

Makaye Infosec, however, offers in-depth security expertise and undiluted focus, so we can shield your whole organization against constantly evolving threats with enterprise-grade resources, technology and best practices.

Don’t risk your company’s future on the weak hope that your IT treats cybersecurity as anything other than a secondary priority.

With Makaye Infosec, your IT team’s resources are freed up to focus on their core expertise, while you focus on growing your business.

We’ll keep you safe along the way.

Focus on your business

We work hand in hand with the IT team to secure and align your IT with compliance frameworks.

The Makaye InfoSec company will drive the security strategy of your business, relieving your IT team to focus on their core responsibilities that includes implementing, managing and supporting IT.

When the Makaye InfoSec team and the IT team work together cohesively, the business benefits from having IT that’s optimized, supported as well as one that is secure and meets regulatory compliance.

We provide a fully outsourced managed security department with comprehensive suite of managed security services at a fraction of the price. This allows you to focus on your business and let us worry about your security.


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