Security for Nonprofits

Cybersecurity for Not-For-Profit Organizations

Today’s nonprofits are ill-prepared for a data breach or other cyber-attack. How do you protect donor data to maintain your reputation and trustworthiness?

For nonprofit organizations, cybersecurity may seem like a minor concern, but threats to your organization can lead to worse outcomes than just a little downtime. The reputational damage and financial loss from donors fleeing an organization they no longer trust could jeopardize your ability to fulfill your mandate. Most non-profits fail to perceive the true nature and potential impact of the threats against them, including:

  • Data breaches that could compromise your most faithful and loyal donors;
  • Financial theft via records and credit card information associated with donations;
  • Exposure of email records or other private communications in hopes of finding embarrassing or politically damaging content.

Makaye InfoSec can lock your digital doors against even the most cunning cybercriminals to protect your operation and its donors.

Makaye InfoSec understands the nonprofit world and its challenges. Our services are tailored to your specific needs and budgetary constraints to give you the maximum possible protection. We make enterprise-grade security experts, technologies, and strategies available via economy-of-scale delivery. That way, organizations whose budgets are best spent on their core mission can still benefit from world-class protection. With Makaye Infosec, you can fulfill your central mandate while enjoying the peace of mind of knowing you and your stakeholders are well defended.


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