How to Protect Your Non-Profit
From Ransomware Attacks

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Protect Your Non-Profit Business

This is a FREE complete course for what you need to know to take the critical steps to shield your non-profit from devastating ransomware attacks.

You will discover:

  • What Is Ransomware?
  • Why are Nonprofits a Lucrative Target for Criminals?
  • What are the Sobering Nonprofit Cybersecurity Statistics?
  • What are the Recent Publicized Nonprofit Attacks & Costs?

What are the Consequences of Ransomware That Can Decimate Your Business?

  • What is the Ransomware Attack Lifecycle?
  • What Critical Steps Must Be Taken in the First 2 Hours?
  • What is Vital in the First 24 Hours to Protect Your Business?
  • What is the Breach Notification?

How Should You Handle a Demand for Ransomware Payment?
What are the Crucial Recovery Actions You Need to Implement?

How Can You Prevent Becoming the Victim of a Ransomware Attack?

  • What Do You Need to Know to Educate your Team?
  • What is Cyber-hygiene?
  • What Can a Professional Cybersecurity Vendor Do for You?
  • How Do You Perform a Regular Security Assessment?
  • How Can You Develop an Incident Response Plan?
  • How Should You Vet All 3rd Party Providers Thoroughly?
  • How Do You Implement 24 Hour Security Monitoring?
  • What is Cyber-liability Insurance?
  • What is a Weapons Grade Backup?  

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