Military and Defense Security

Cybersecurity and Compliance Services
for Defense Sector Contractors

The risk of losing classified information or having operations compromised could be genuinely catastrophic to your organization, your partners, and the public. Is your security strong enough to stand out from your competitors and qualify for your ideal contracts?

Military and defense contractors represent high-priority targets for cybercriminals, including state-backed bad actors. For this reason, the Department of Defense (DoD) and similar entities impose strict compliance requirements on their partners and contractors, including DFARS, ITAR and EAR regulations. Compliance, however, is just the start of a robust security program; defense that is just “adequate” is not enough for competitive differentiation in a field populated by giant organizations with deep pockets and extensive resources to invest.

Makaye InfoSec can marshal military-grade cybersecurity experts and resources to mount a robust defense against armies of malicious cyberthreats.

Makaye InfoSec assists organizations who are DoD contractors or exporters to achieve, maintain, and exceed compliance with DFARS, ITAR or EAR regulations through an accessible package of security services. We have experience with the NIST SP 800-171 implementations in many different environments, and we bring the talent and technologies of best-in-class cybersecurity to defense and military contractors of all sizes, along with a single-minded focus on our core expertise: defense against cybercriminals and online warfare.

By positioning yourself to meet or exceed compliance requirements, you minimize risk to your organization and maximize your chances of gaining or extending contracts, even as the threats against you continuously evolve and adapt.


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