Manufacturing Security

Cybersecurity for the Manufacturing Industry

Historically, manufacturers may have had less to fear from cyber criminals than other industries, but that is no longer true: cyber criminals now consider manufacturing companies a target-rich environment. Are your operations secure enough to withstand a sustained cyber-attack?

As more smart, networked technologies are deployed throughout manufacturing and the supply chain – including the Industrial Internet of Things, automation, robotics, and complex digital platforms to manage operations – critical cyber vulnerabilities have proliferated. That makes it easy for cyber criminals to sneak into manufacturing systems and do incredible damage, as proven by previous successful attacks from malware like WannaCry and LockerGaga. Through these attacks, criminals and hackers can:

  • Shut down operations
  • Steal vital and proprietary intellectual property, blueprints, and trade secrets
  • Sabotage the quality and safety of products being manufactured

Makaye InfoSec can protect operations from continuously evolving threats without losing efficiency or productivity.

Makaye InfoSec specializes in working with small and medium manufacturing companies. We increase their current security posture through an accessible, affordable security program that can reliably protect sensitive data and operations. Our robust security services do more than just offer manufacturers confidence and peace of mind: our cybersecurity program gives our customers tangible competitive advantage against their peers, allowing them to pursue bigger, more lucrative contracts.


To get started, sign up for a Security Maturity Level Assessment. You can learn how to shore up any vulnerabilities to cyber-attacks, and how to outshine your competitors through stronger security.