Healthcare Security

Information Security and Privacy
for the Healthcare Industry

Forbes describes healthcare data as “fine-dining for cyber thieves” thanks to the reams of invaluable Protected Health Information (PHI) stored in healthcare systems. Is your cybersecurity program healthy enough to protect you and your patients?

Healthcare organizations have suffered some of the biggest and most visible cyber-attacks in the country. Cybercriminals are hungry for health-related data and systems, and with the proliferation of smart, connected medical equipment; cloud-based electronic health records (EHR) systems accessible from mobile devices; and a user base whose expertise often includes neither security nor technology, the number of potential vulnerabilities is staggering.

Makaye InfoSec can accurately diagnose and treat ailing cybersecurity programs to vaccinate your systems and data against even the most virulent attacks.

Working side by side with your IT team or vendor, we institute a robust security program that will protect systems and users from attacks that can expose private data or compromise sensitive systems and equipment. Simultaneously, we help healthcare and life sciences organizations to achieve and maintain compliance with state and federal security and privacy regulations like HIPAA and HITECH, while continuing to keep up with the rapidly evolving threat landscape.


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