Fractional Cybersecurity Expertise

Experienced Fractional Security Expertise at a Fraction of the Cost

Fractional Security Experts at a Fraction of the Cost

Chief Security Officers, Security Manager and Security Analyst are indispensable in modern cybersecurity, but few SMBs can justify the expense of hiring them directly. Fortunately, with Makaye Infosec, your business can gain dedicated security roles on a fractional basis and compete with organizations whose resources and in-house expertise would normally outstrip your own.

Ready for your own personal guide to the complex world of cybersecurity?

Our experts will help develop and implement a cost effective cybersecurity program that will guard your sensitive information, strengthen your brand reputation, and protect your customer data. They will deliver expert security insight, leadership, and support, while functioning as a seamless extension of your leadership team.

The result: outstanding security and standout business performance.

Don’t wait until you’ve already lost data, trust, and customers – start protecting yourself today with an in-depth Security Maturity Level Assessment.

We deliver expert security leadership to solve your unique cybersecurity challenges.

We develop a right-sized cybersecurity program and guide you through this journey

We Establish Your Cybersecurity Vision

We take the time to understanding where you want to go and help you decide how to get there. We help develop your vision and manage the accountability.

We Determine and Prioritize your Cybersecurity Initiatives

We provide strategic direction to help you achieve your cybersecurity goals. We prioritize the cybersecurity initiatives to ensure they are implemented in a quick and cost effective manner.

We Reduce Risk with Continual Security Improvements

Cybersecurity is a very dynamic field. As cybercriminals advance their strategies we elevate our game. As regulatory requirements change, we realign your program. Our team will be with you, leading you along the way.

We bring visibility to your cybersecurity posture

Our Security Officers will work with you to create a cybersecurity committee. Every quarter we will hold a cybersecurity committee meeting and report on the status of your cybersecurity and compliance program.


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