Real Estate Security

Cybersecurity for the Real Estate Industry

The cyber risks facing real estate companies are real: not only do real estate operations house valuable personal data, the transition to smart building systems have made them easier than ever to hack. Does your cybersecurity program rest on the right foundation?

The risks are manifold. Cybercriminals are growing more sophisticated, while more and more employees (many of whom are not security-minded) are using insecure personal smart devices for work. Government oversight and regulations are increasing corporate liability. Simultaneously, the transition to smart building systems – controlling everything from air conditioning to access control, lighting to utilities – are exponentially increasing potential points of weakness. Landlords, developers and other real estate groups risk:

  • Ransomware attacks that cripple operations;
  • Shutdowns of critical systems by hackers;
  • Theft of proprietary, private data;
  • Loss of marketplace reputation.

Because real estate systems have become internet-enabled, they are now exposed to all possible threats that afflict conventional IT systems. The potential for harm is significant and can result in long-term loss of sales from collateral impact and loss of clientele.

Makaye InfoSec can architect and build a robust cyber infrastructure that can withstand a continuously evolving threat landscape.

Makaye InfoSec works with real estate companies to increase their current security posture and to develop information security programs that protect them from cybercriminals. We can architect a powerful defense and lock your digital doors against would-be attackers using an accessible, affordable security process that can restore confidence and peace of mind in your operations. Even better, stronger security can help you stand out in a competitive marketplace.


To get started, sign up for a Security Maturity Level Assessment. You can learn how to shore up any vulnerabilities to cyber-attack and outshine your competitors through stronger security.