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Your customers need advanced cybersecurity services - who will they get it from?
Makaye InfoSec is owned and ran by MSP business owners like you, with over 40 years of experience running very successful MSPs.
We get MSPs. Our program complements and aligns with how MSPs deliver service to their clients.
As a result, you win and your clients win.

Building a Cybersecurity Practice Isn't Easy

If you are a provider of Managed IT Services, we get you. In this cybersecurity climate, most MSPs often have little choice but to shoulder cybersecurity responsibilities for their clients. But cybersecurity professionals are in high demand … and expensive.
Instead of starting from scratch, you can partner and work side by side with Makaye Infosec to bring the most comprehensive SMB-focused cybersecurity program to your clients.

The result of working with Makaye InfoSec?

The Top 6 Benefits of Partnering
with Makaye InfoSec

1. You get to be your clients' hero.

By aligning your clients’ security to a nationally recognized NIST framework, your clients gain world-class protection that satisfies even military and defense sector organizations against an ever-evolving torrent of threats … without you having to shoulder the burden or responsibility of delivering information security.

2. You can focus on your own success.

With Makaye InfoSec, you can now fully focus on delivering IT, while we focus on building your clients’ cybersecurity program. This includes governance, strategy, oversight, audit-readiness and management, policies, responding to security questionnaires and taking responsibility for aligning them with security regulations such as PCI-DSS, GLBA, DFARS, HIPAA/HITECH, ISO27001, NIST CSF, GDPR/CCPA, FINRA, ITAR.

3.You can keep hostile MSSPs out of your client accounts.

Proactively introducing an MSSP partner into your hard earned client accounts protects your accounts while giving your clients the cybersecurity program they deserve. Our cybersecurity program is delivered just like the MSP program and aligns very well with how you provide service to your clients.

4. You can stop selling ad hoc security tools and deliver what your clients really need.

The cybersecurity landscape has significantly changed, and your clients need a full cybersecurity department similar to the outsourced IT department that you are already providing. When compared to the risks, the cost-benefits of delivering a full cybersecurity program easily outweighs the piecemeal security approach.

5, You can reduce the risk of being sued by your clients if they get breached.

Makaye InfoSec takes control of your clients’ cybersecurity and allows you to focus on what you do best: delivering outstanding IT outcomes.

6. You can gain competitive advantage against other MSPs.

The majority of MSPs deal with cybersecurity solely by selling ad hoc security tools and services as add-ons. Even if that seems attractive from a pricing perspective, it’s less cost-effective than it appears, it increases risk, and it under-serves your clients. In reality, your clients need a full cybersecurity program similar to the full IT program that you provide them. When you partner with Makaye InfoSec, that’s what you can deliver – differentiating yourself from the crowd. Everyone wins!

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What does a Cybersecurity Company cover that an IT company doesn’t?

The goal of a good IT company is to build the computer infrastructure that supports your business, and then keep it running at all times. If your technology isn’t working, then your company is likely suffering. But this is a very different focus than cybersecurity.
Cybersecurity covers so much more than IT:
Does your current IT provider or IT department help you develop cybersecurity strategy, develop cybersecurity policies, train your employees, perform simulated cyber-attacks, create a formal incident response plan, and review security features at your physical location? If the answer is no, Call Makaye InfoSec Today. We are here to help.

The Makaye InfoSec Commitment to Serve

It’s just not right that small and medium organizations should have to worry about cyber criminals. It’s disheartening to think that criminals are willing to steal from organizations that are fighting so hard to provide jobs in their community and do good in our world.

Like you, we have a true passion for humanity and a commitment to working together to make our world better. Our founder, George Makaye, has spent the last 20 years using his for-profit businesses as a way to give back to the community and empower nonprofits. We’re always looking for more ways to leverage our skills and resources to make an even larger impact. Which is why we formed Makaye InfoSec. We are committed to protecting organizations just like yours from cyber-attacks.