Financial Industry Security

Cybersecurity for the Financial Services

Cyber criminals are relentless in their attacks on the financial industry, but institutions can no longer expect regulatory compliance to offer foolproof protection – even giant enterprises have passed their PCI-DSS audits and still fallen prey to massive hacks. Are you more secure than them?

You can be, even as the threat landscape expands and shifts. The rise of online and mobile banking, cloud computing, and automation has multiplied potential points of weakness, and most financial groups like broker-dealers, investment firms, and financial advisors also face the overwhelming task of securing data that resides outside of their walls. The challenge is particularly steep for smaller service providers that lack the deep pockets or extensive resources of the big banks.

Thankfully, Makaye Infosec offers cybersecurity you can bank on.

In this new age of cyber warfare, financial services institutions need access to enterprise-grade security talent, technologies and processes to ensure business continuity and proper risk management. We make the best-in-class cybersecurity of a large-scale organization available at small business-friendly rates through economy-of-scale service delivery. Working seamlessly as an extension of your existing IT team and vendors, we:

  1. ensure better-than-baseline compliance with Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), FDIC and OCC regulations
  2. protect valid customer data and financial transactions
  3. establish competitive differentiation through a stronger cybersecurity program.


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