3 Reasons Why You Must Have a Solid Cybersecurity Budget

It’s no secret that hackers are constantly improving their attack methods, which leaves organizations permanently exposed to long-term cybersecurity risk. Keeping this scenario in mind, the implementation of a dynamic cybersecurity strategy is essential for survival. In fact, data from a survey by the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) points out that an astonishing 88% of organizations believe they are likely a target for cybercriminals. If you’re still not convinced about carving out a dedicated cybersecurity budget for your organization, here are 3 main reasons: 

  1. Be the difference you want to see. You want to make a difference and impact the world through your organization, and I’m sure that you’re doing a marvelous job. However, you must also include behind-the-scenes mechanisms in your set of goals. This necessarily includes having a cybersecurity team that provides the very best and most effective measures to protect your organization, your team, and collaborators. Having all this in place will allow you to keep making a great impact on the world while building an invaluable asset: trust.
  2. Build Trust. Agents who believe in your organization are more than ready to step up and help you in any way to achieve your mission. It’s nothing but fair that you ensure their information and sensitive data is secure. However, this cycle is not built overnight — it takes time and patience to build trust with your collaborators, and unfortunately, it takes just one cyberattack to taint your reputation and risk losing years of goodwill and trust. Keep in mind that he can have a significant negative impact on your organization’s longevity.
  3. The Longevity of your organization. It’s true that no one engages in a mission thinking they’ll abruptly have to end their activity due to cybercrime. Well, according to the NCSA, that is precisely what happens to nearly one-third of organizations after suffering an attack. Implementing an efficient and updated cybersecurity strategy will certainly increase your organization’s longevity by mitigating cybersecurity risk. 

Organizations must stay ahead of the game by constantly keeping their cybersecurity best-practices up to date and training their collaborators on how to stay safe from cyberattacks. Growth and achieving your mission are intrinsically linked to having a cybersecurity budget and a solid action plan.