Month: August 2022

protect and secure your nonprofit's data

All You Need to Know About Nonprofit Cybersecurity

All You Need to Know About Nonprofit Cybersecurity Cyberattacks do not always target large corporations. Nonprofit groups have a wide range of sensitive data that could be exposed in any form of a data breach, which makes nonprofit cybersecurity very important. Some of the threats¬† include: Mailing list Forms for donations Meeting records Surveys for research Donor contact information such as name, home addresses, email addresses, and so on. Background data, medical records, and other sensitive and individually identifying information. Popular Nonprofit Cybersecurity Threats Nonprofits acquire and maintain a plethora of confidential donor information and are more prone to become a victim of cybercriminals than huge companies since they are often easier to access. Nonprofits are exposed to cyber-attacks in a variety of ways, including: ¬† 1. Under Resourcing Because of limited resources, smaller NGOs frequently prioritize other mission-driven projects above nonprofit cybersecurity. As an outcome, approximately 60 percent of nonprofit firms do not provide frequent nonprofit cybersecurity education to their employees and volunteers, nor do they have any cybersecurity experts in their organization. 2. The use of Lax Security Measures On average, hackers hit more than 2,000 times daily, and they really don’t care whether it’s for-profit or nonprofit