Month: May 2022

Non-Profit Computer Security Service

Discover Why Every Small to Medium Sized Business Needs Strong Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Technology directly impacts the functionality and management of businesses in today’s society. With the ever-growing digital world, it is crucial for businesses both big and small to be aware of any risks that may affect critical data and online assets within their network. Data is the backbone to the success of any company and can hold extreme value, whether it be employee personal identifiable information, company product intellect, or financial details. Ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all organizational data is imperative to the growth and success of any business, which is why cybersecurity awareness training is vital. A recent survey taken by the U.S. Small Business Administration, identified that 88% of small businesses believe they are vulnerable to a cyber-attack and are unsure what prevention methods to deploy. A simple yet highly effective action that small to medium size businesses can take to drastically reduce the risk of cyber threats and attacks is to implement a security awareness training program within the organization. Education is key and will provide employees with the necessary tools and skills required to successfully identify and respond to a cyber threat or attack if one were to occur. The cybersecurity awareness training that