Month: April 2022

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7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Dedicated Outsourced Cybersecurity Company

Cyber threats and attacks are increasing not only in number, but in size and complexity. Businesses both big and small are affected and need to keep in mind the importance of maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the information they possess while simultaneously keeping attackers at bay. Cybersecurity can be tricky, even for the seasoned Information Technology (IT) professional and relying solely on those versed in IT won’t solve underlying cybersecurity issues Businesses need to look at additional options when shopping for outside vendors and include outsourced cybersecurity vendors in the discussion. This additional aspect of outsourced cybersecurity would add protection to the data and the network infrastructure of a business. Cybersecurity-as-a-service is the solution and can save businesses time and money if utilized properly. This concept is an outsourced service provided by a third-party vendor which solely specializes in the monitoring, protection, and response of different types of vulnerabilities and attacks on the network or systems. Traditional IT services and vendors tend to focus on the management of user accounts, network infrastructure and hardware, service patches, and even end-user support in some cases. The main difference between cybersecurity and IT is the continuous protection of data and critical

Strengthening Cybersecurity for Non-profit Organizations
Nonprofit Cybersecurity

Strengthening Cybersecurity for Non-profit Organizations – Risks, Challenges, and Best Practices the Board Can Adopt

Cybersecurity for non-profit organizations is often not as robust as for commercial organizations, and, therefore, strengthening cybersecurity for non-profit organizations remains a point of concern for the board of directors. The board is expected to implement cybersecurity best practices to mitigate and manage the risks, but they must also ensure that the tone at the top is set correctly. Non-profit organizations work for public or social benefits and rely on donations from their volunteers and benefactors. They also have sensitive and confidential data of others in their possession, the same way as a commercial organization. These scenarios immediately raise some potential cybersecurity issues, for example, payment security, security of cardholder data, data privacy, data sovereignty, etc., to name a few. Hence, it is an essential obligation of the board to adopt cybersecurity best practices for non-profits, device cybersecurity strategies, and implement cybersecurity frameworks to safeguard the organizational information assets. They must also ensure the security of the data at rest, data in motion, and data in transit. Cybersecurity Risks and Challenges Facing Non-Profits A significant portion of non-profit organizations’ budgets is focused on the welfare of the cause they support. It is difficult for them to spend money on other