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We are your fully outsourced cybersecurity department at a fraction of the cost. We help businesses thrive by taking command and control of their cybersecurity and regulatory compliance.

Gain the confidence that no cybersecurity incident will disrupt your business, scare away your customers, or cause regulators to come calling

Cybersecurity is an investment in your company’s future. Today’s cybercriminals specifically target small and midsize businesses (SMBs) with increasingly sophisticated attacks. That’s because they know that most SMBs cannot marshal the resources, expertise, or protections of an enterprise-level organization – and they know that IT teams bring divided focus and conflicting priorities to their security efforts. As a result, those SMBs who do mount a dedicated defense against cyber threats can do more than just thwart would-be attackers and survive a marketplace beset by risk, they can thrive and grow into the companies that will lead their industries for years to come.

But your defense has to start BEFORE the attack!

When it comes to protecting your information assets, it’s essential to act BEFORE it’s too late: Implement a robust, seamless system of cyber protection that can keep up with modern threats today.

Our cybersecurity services help you keep your clients happy and win new business

Our comprehensive security program gives you enterprise level cybersecurity at SMB budgets. We help our clients achieve nationally recognized cybersecurity certifications which improves their reputation and gives them advantage over their competitors resulting in millions of dollars in new business from larger, more security-conscious customers. By utilizing our security services, our clients gain peace of mind knowing that they comply with demanding regulations like HIPAA, DFARS, PCI-DSS, SOX, GDPR, FedRamp, & DFARS.

Why you need Makaye InfoSec as your dedicated cybersecurity team

Makaye InfoSec provides a Seal Team of cybersecurity practitioners with real world expertise. Even with the best intentions, IT providers will always favor efficiency over security; treating security issues on an ad-hoc basis, concentrating more on tools and point solutions instead of good governance, strategy, policies or alignment with regulatory bodies. That’s why about 25% of all breaches occur due to IT flaws such as mis-configured firewalls.

Delegating cybersecurity to Makaye InfoSec releases your IT team to focus on IT, their core competence, while we focus on building your cybersecurity and compliance program.

Makaye Infosec makes enterprise-grade security available at SMB-friendly prices – including the expertise, governance, technology, strategy, and know-how based on globally recognized standards like the NIST/CIS framework demanded by the most security-conscious companies.

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